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“FIVE STARS! Fringe Review: Alex Cearns – From Law Maker to Image Maker is the intriguing story of how Alex Cearns swapped her police badge for a social justice of a different kind – the animal kind that is, giving a voice to those most vulnerable within our society and giving them a public profile for humans to sit up and pay attention to. Through her photos, many animal rescue organisations worldwide have benefited from Alex’s incredible images. It is very apparent as soon as Alex starts talking that this is going to be one of those moments in your life where you will take away so much information and a completely different way of looking at things, or like Mr 12 you may just come away with a new role model who you one day aspire to have a career just like. (Be warned you will want to quit your day job and play with animals after seeing this show).

Alex is a fantastic public speaker and has the audience captivated from start to finish. The show is both comical and informative, however, most of all it is captivating with so many gorgeous images to look at and stories to hear. For those interested in photography, it is a treasure trove of inspiration and tips on how to capture that split second shot and if you aren’t an avid photo taker it will inspire you to be one whilst you appreciate the effort gone in to capturing such images.

If the show makes you consider a rescue animal the next time you are looking for a pet or educates you about the fantastic work native animal rescue organisations like Fauna Rescue and international organisations such as Free the Bears do, then it has achieved something very important. Rescue animals aside, you get to see some of the many dogs that Alex gets to photograph in her studio as part of her business, Houndstooth Studio, and the photo that started it all. I cannot speak highly enough of this show and urge everyone to stay for the Q&A that takes place after the interval as Alex answers candidly all the questions asked of her and it is like getting two shows for the price of one. Hearing a story this good is a privilege and it certainly takes the Fringe out on a high note.”

Tara Forbes-Godfrey – Glam Adelaide. Show produced by Epod Central Presents


“FIVE STARS! FIVE STARS! Fringe Review: Alex Cearns – From Law Maker to Image Maker. Alex Cearns OAM is a singularly talented photographer, known for her pet, animal, and wildlife photography. Founder of Houndstooth Studio, a dedicated and well-appointed studio for animal photography, Alex Cearns stays very busy photographing roughly 1300 animals per year, both in the studio and on location, often in the wild. A breakthrough snap of blue clams in a breeding facility on the Cocos Keeling Islands in 2008 being featured in two art galleries led to wider recognition and a growing realisation that her passion for animal photography could become her life. She walked away from her career that began in the WA Police Force and moved into the Federal Government as a Senior Transport Security Inspector, sacrificing job security, superannuation and steady income for the great unknown of freelance photography. Her weekend obsession evolved into a life celebrating the lives of animals in digital imagery.

In a roundabout way, she has achieved her journalistic ambition as a 17-year-old, but the career evolution spanned a couple of decades and a long learning curve, before her vision of animal welfare coalesced with her conscious acts behind the lens to realise the dream job and bring joy to animal lovers everywhere, beginning with her 120,000 Facebook followers. She has made the world a better place through philanthropic works. Her skill and patience to wait for the right moment to hit the shutter button has raised many thousands of dollars for animal welfare, both in the wild and in recovery from inhumane treatment. Her candid animal snaps tell stories in images. She came to Adelaide to deliver two Fringe shows at the National Wine Centre’s Gallery Room on March 16 and 17. She is a genuine animal lover who patiently seeks the truth in every shot she takes. Her mission is to celebrate our animal kingdom, both domesticated and in the wild, by capturing images of them being themselves. Her show took the form of an extended PowerPoint presentation that featured many of her more celebrated snaps. She spoke to each slide in an unaffected, natural manner, not unlike an old-fashioned slide night. Each image was accompanied by entertaining anecdotes. There was a close-up of a mature-age male orangutan, for all the world grinning into the camera.

Cearns revealed to us that the primate’s apparent glee was genuine. Behind her back, another orangutan had a handful of its own poo to throw at Cearns and her companions, who were saved by the keeper’s vigilance and sharp order to ‘drop it.’ There were tales of elephants and tigers, Emperor Penguins in Antarctica, a feral pig namesake, whom she tamed with a good belly rub and more. Alex Cearns has authored or co-authored six books and has made it her business through Perfect Imperfection to raise awareness of abused animals through her images of dogs missing eyes, legs or other bodily parts. The beautifully captured pup with the permanent wink is missing an eye, but all intents grinning without a care in the world can hardly fail to inspire. When asked how she would like to be remembered, she referred at once to her images (over four million on file) that will live on, when she is gone, allied to an enhanced public acceptance of animal welfare. Well played, Alex. Five stars out of five, for sheer substance of story over superficiality.”

Jon Cocks – Weekend Notes Adelaide


“Passionate. Engaging. Inspiring. Motivating. Entertaining. Encouraging. That’s Alex as a speaker to a tee. Alex is one of my all time favourite photography presenters and she has been an integral part of the many photography talks that I have organised for the Snap Happy Photography Group. Whether she’s speaking about her photographic journey, or entertaining and inspiring her audiences with stories about her pet and wildlife photography experiences, or sharing her business acumen, Alex always connects with her audience and keeps them hanging on her every word. And why wouldn’t you when her talks are presented with such humour, warmth and charisma, all wrapped up in a truly professional bundle of words and personality. And, best of all, Alex always has time for other photographers, whether enthusiasts or professionals, and is always willing to share, help, advice and encourage and who is so supportive of the local photographic community.

Alex is truly a photography hero in my books!”

Seng Mah – Venture Photography Workshops & Tours and founder of Snap Happy WA Photo Group, Co-Founder Fremantle Centre for Creative Photography


“Alex was our Guest Speaker at the Master Builders-Bankwest End of Year Women’s Luncheon in November 2017 and made the event a great success. Our attendees thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and although the guests loved the abundance of cute animal photos and great humor, it was much more than just that. It was great to hear her story on how she got to where she is today, what tips you have for others, and the importance to giving back. Alex was dynamic, engaging and interactive and an absolute delight to work with. I highly recommend her as a speaker!”

Monique Milne – Events Manager, Master Builders WA


“Presenter Power. I’ve often spoken to audiences about the Power of the Image; how a single image can change a life, a community, even an election result. As important as the ‘Power of the Image’ is the ‘Power of the Presenter’. A common error made by event organisers is to select a speaker based on their skill or achievements as a sportsperson, engineer or artist, only to discover that the person has little skill as a communicator. A yawn becomes a silent shout. I’ve just experienced Alex Cearns as a presenter for the first time. I was familiar with Alex’s superb animal photography and her many awards. But I had no idea how she would perform as a presenter.

To my absolute delight I discovered Alex is a natural; her presentation was equally as powerful as her goose-bump, animal images. This, I thought was a rare combination. What I noticed first is that Alex is 100% genuine. What you see is what you get. Alex is not pretending to be someone she is not. What a reassuring trait. Immediately there develops an element of trust. Alex’s presentation graphics were clear, simple, bold with a professional flair. She follow the simple principle of ‘Don’t put more words on a  slide than you would put on a T shirt.’ Her delivery was illustrated with real life stories which heightened interest and belief that I was listening to a real live human being who had jumped a hundred hurdles and had learned from her mistakes. 

Alex was superbly prepared but she did not read from a prepared script. She knows her stuff. She knows her audience. Her voice is strong, but with a warmth and mellowness like a good shiraz. This was the acid test. During Alex’s presentation I allowed my gaze to pan across the audience in the darkened theatre. Every face was fixed intently on the speaker, engaged and waiting for the next phrase.”

Dale Neill – Professional Photographer, Co-Founder Fremantle Centre for Creative Photography, Lecturer in Communication Media at Technical Teacher Training in WA training new para-professional TAFE lecturers (1976-1980)


“In 2014 I was planning ‘Voices For Animals’ a major fundraising evening to raise funds for my rescue organisation, Brightside Farm Sanctuary. I wanted to put together a group of talented presenters, all with high profiles in different areas of the animal welfare arena.

Alex had photographed at Brightside on several occasions and I loved her work – she was a perfect fit to complement the impressive speakers line up of Lyn White from Animals Australia, Philip Wollen from Kindness Trust, and Bob Brown from the Bob Brown Foundation and Sea Shepherd. Alex opened the evening to a packed house of 450 guests, and spoke on the ways animals bring us joy. Her presentation was uplifting, warm and inspirational and set a wonderful tone for the evening. She spoke from the heart and the crowd hung off her every word. The event was a great success and I wouldn’t hesitate to approach Alex in the future for other speaking ventures.”

Emma Haswell – Brightside Farm Sanctuary


“I first met Alex when I purchased a voucher she’d donated to a charity event and she brilliantly photographed my unphotographable dog – but that’s another story. Over the years I have seen Alex speak at various animal welfare fundraisers and at her own book launches. Each time she would reduce me to tears with her stories and the way she was able to capture the essence of her subject through her images. She was always engaging and inspirational. Alex has a long history supporting the Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) in Bali and I sit on the board of sister organization, BAWA WA and am passionate about improving the welfare of animals in Bali.

When we were planning our inaugural fundraiser ‘Bali Nights Perth’ we realised we needed an MC and presenter who understood our work and who’d draw a crowd. Someone who was professional, personable and connected to animals. There was one person who immediately came to mind – Alex. I nervously asked if she would like the job and she agreed immediately. 

Bali Nights Perth was held in October 2017 and Alex delivered our key messages and hit the audience in their hearts with her personal anecdotes about two Bali dogs. Many people had tears in their eyes as she spoke with such love for ‘Blacky’ and ‘Bali Pip’ yet she ensured she gave us all hope for the future and educated on how we could play a part in BAWAs continued success. She also donated a framed and signed ‘Bali Pip’ artwork which sold for a record price in our live auction. We had an amazing event and I know without the input from Alex we would never have raised the money we did. I also know that in the weeks and months to come people will still be talking about ‘Bali Nights Perth – an evening with Alex Cearns’. I would ask Alex to speak at one of our events again without hesitation.”

Pam Herron – Bali Animal Welfare Association WA


“What an absolute pleasure it was to have Alex Cearns present at the 2017 Events Industry Association (EIA), Ladies Wisdom Wine and Waffle Lunch, held at Kings Park State Reception Centre. Alex’s inspiring, uplifting and positive attitude to life, her dedication to the protection of all animals large and small and her passion for photography bought a new energy and positive outlook to all that attended. 

Alex shared her remarkable animal experiences whilst on photography tours and through her lenses in her studio. We heard the heartfelt message of commitment to rescuing bears still held in captivity, the journey of animals in rescue centres finding their forever homes, and hearing the fun and adorable tales and love shared with the many animals she has photographed had the guests in hilarious laughter. Alex’s exceptional photography skills and commitment to philanthropy has been recognised by the number of awards and accolades she has received world wide, and we will be forever grateful to have shared this time with her.”

Janet Spellissy – Event Industry Association WA


“Alex is a truly inspirational public speaker and has captivated audiences across Australia with stories from her time spent at our bear sanctuaries in Southeast Asia and India. Her ability to convey the impacts of the illegal wildlife trade whilst capturing the individuality of each rescued bear connects with listeners in a way that touches them emotionally, spiritually and cognitively. She is a truly unique woman who shows just what can be done when a little bit of passion is mixed with a lot of energy and dash of ingenuity.”

Matt Hunt – CEO Free The Bears

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