How to Hire an Office Manager

Ugh, one of the worst things about running a business can be running an office. And let’s face it, lots of people in business have phone aversion and don’t like using the phone to make calls or to answer it when clients phone.

Take away the stress of doing the least fun jobs and Let Alex show you how easy it can be to hire a remote or in-person office manager and set them up to work remotely for as few or as many hours as you need.

This program is delivered as a PDF document and includes:

  • Hiring considerations
  • Financial factors and wages
  • Staff member requirements
  • Office manager’s daily task list
  • Software used
  • Selection process including the text of the job advertisement, job interview questions, and time frames
  • Employment contracts

The course content is emailed out in PDF format and you can read through the content at your leisure and in your own time. This program costs $495AUD and can be adapted to suit any business.

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