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Keen to see your book idea in print but not sure where or how to start? Alex can help! She has nine years of experience in photo book publishing and wants to share what she’s learnt along the way with others who are keen to progress their book dreams.

Her short course focusses on traditional publishing vs self-publishing, in the following areas:

Traditional Publishing

  • Solicited vs unsolicited work (to work with an agent or not)
  • Details of the advance and sales process
  • What it’s like working with a publisher
  • What publishers want
  • Drafting your pitch document – your book concept / outline
  • The publishing process
  • Timeline for publishing
  • Alex’s personal experience in publishing 6 books 


  • How to produce a self-published book
  • Forming your idea
  • Self-publishing book sites
  • Pricing your book
  • Selecting your animal subject and relevant content
  • Questionnaire for participants
  • How to leverage sales from participants
  • Working with a charity partner
  • Arranging the pre-sale
  • Creating hype using social media and your website
  • Marketing your book through the media
  • Event launch party
  • Getting your book into stores


The course includes 12 pages of instruction on getting published, 13 pages on how to promote your book idea, PLUS a sample pet questionnaire for pets featuring in your book AND a sample book pitch document – this document can make or break your submission if you’re aiming to get a publishing deal with an actual publishing house.

The course content is emailed out in PDF format and you can read through the content, and action your book idea, at your leisure and in your own time.

This program costs $495AUD. It is tailored to pet photographers, but the principles can be applied to other photography genres.

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