Are you a photographer, creative or small business owner looking to transform your business from ordinary to remarkable? Do you want to attract more clients and elevate your entrepreneurial journey? Or are you finding it hard to stand out from the crowd, feeling lost in a world of digital marketing and want to take your existing business out of the doldrums?

Welcome to Black Cat Consulting, a personal, focused service by Alex Cearns OAM to help you transform your potential into a business you love.

A game changer in her own right, Alex is a dynamic small business owner with more than a decade of outstanding accomplishments as a photographer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Her philosophy as a consultant is to help you create simple, actionable, meaningful processes that attract clients, increase revenue flow and provide you with tools to inspire, serve, improve or transform your business objectives. For Alex, the essence of all business comes down to the quality of your relationships with new and existing clients, staff, patrons and providers. Her purpose as a coach is to help fine tune your ability to leverage those relationships to serve, enhance and extend your business.

Alex offers two options for business coaching:


To discuss the program most suited to your coaching needs please contact us here and Alex will be in touch.



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