Alex offers MENTORING AND MANAGEMENT SESSIONS for Small Business Owners and Creatives.

If you need assistance with a particular issue, hurdle, area of business, roadblock, or just need to brainstorm with an experienced business owner, Alex can help you move forward with her mentoring and management sessions.

These sessions are conducted fortnightly or monthly for two hours each, for a minimum of three sessions.

Clients are accepted by application during a no obligation Clarity Call with Alex.

Sessions can cover:

  • attracting new clients and growing referrals and repeat business to increase revenue
  • implementing business orientated mindset
  • focussing on a specific outome
  • defining target clients
  • help relieve target client pain points
  • developing a compelling social media profile
  • increasing social media influence
  • creating social media campaigns
  • developing a clear and impacting online brand identity
  • effective pricing for profit
  • collating and creating product ranges your clients love
  • understanding and meet the needs of your niche market
  • improving time management to balance customer service and business responsibilities (input vs output)
  • defining and achieve business objectives
  • identifying gaps for improvement across service delivery
  • brans assessments (webite and social media to improve public presence and marketing)s
  • employing an office manager to handle first client contact, and
  • anything additional you require relating to your business success

If you would like to schedule a Clarity Call or discuss your coaching needs please contact us here and Alex will be in touch.


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