Why Choose Alex?

In Short

  • Because Alex runs Australia’s most successful pet photography studio, earns a high six figured income per year from her photography, has photographed over 15,000 pets in the last decade, and completed more than 7500 pet photo sales sessions with clients.  
  • Because no one knows the pet photography industry better! Alex lives and breathes everything to do with pets, photography and business. If she had a boat, these three things would definitely float it!
  • Because Alex coaches one-on-one only. No group calls or sharing your coaching time with others.
  • Because everything you learn is in real time. This means it’s as up to date as NOW and the most current information you can obtain.
  • Because Alex cares about your business success and is invested in it.
  • Because her program provides short cuts for you which save you wasting time and money and cuts your mistake making.
  • Because Alex is accessible during and after your coaching program – you can ask her unlimited questions anytime moving forward, for the rest of your business life.
  • Because if you’re a pet photographer, you can’t afford not to!

Because if you’re a pet photographer, you can’t afford not to!

Investing in Alex isn’t an expense that takes money away from you. By spending on Alex’s coaching you learn how to solve your business problems, and that learning will make you more money than your initial investment!

At Length

Over the years, Alex has been a mentor, advisor and sounding board for numerous photographers and small business owners. As number of requests for Alex’s business assistance began to skyrocket, she decided to create a coaching program to solve the common problems pet photographers were experiencing, and her Business Acceleration Program for Pet Photographers was born.

Since its launch, Alex has coached over 115 pet photographers from all over the world during her seven-week, one-on-one program. Some of her clients have been in business for 30 years, some are just starting out, and others are transitioning from a different genre of photography into pets, whilst others are moving from part time pet photography into full time. Her program has helped accelerate them forward, enabling them to run a successful, streamlined businesses which suit their lifestyles, and consistently attract paying clients. 

Alex’s program is unique in that you receive an entire pet photography business sytem tailored to you, where Alex does as much of the work for you as she can. She even creates your communication templates for you, adds them into a client record management database for ease of use, and edits them for you during your live coaching calls so they are ready to be sent to your clients. No other photography coach provides one-on-one services as in depth as Alex does for her Business Acceleration Program clients.  

What makes a great coach?

They say one of the most important things to consider about a business coach is their track record.

  • Is their own business a market leader?
  • Do they have solid, real-world experience in fluctuating economic and social media environments?
  • Do they practice what they preach?
  • Is their knowledge of the industry current?
  • Does their experience focus on the genre of photography they are known for?

Alex recommends that you find a coach who has the business success you aspire to as there’s nothing better than learning directly from someone who has already done the hard yards and who has years of experience under their belt.

A coach in any aspect of business needs to be transparent. They need to talk about their failures as well as their successes and offer analysis of both. The best coaches are provocative, facilitative, and esteem building. Alex encompasses all of these things, and more. She understands the ongoing requirements of running a successful pet photography business and has an innate ability to effectively problem solve issues and challenges for her coaching clients.

Alex says “I’m very transparent in only taking on coaching clients who I believe will do the work and who are driven to succeed and places in my coaching programs are sought after and limited. I’m also a full-time working photographer in between, living the instruction I provide and practicing what I preach. This enables me to stay up to date with even the slightest change in the global pet photography market, which flows on to me being an even more effective coach to my pet photography clients. Whatever you are going through in the industry, I have been through or am experiencing too.“

Demand for Alex’s animal photography coupled with her skill as an astute businesswoman, have kept her brand Houndstooth Studio flourishing at the top of its field in an intensely competitive environment for more than 12 years.

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