Mentoring Sessions

  • Are you a photographer, creative or small business owner looking to transform your business idea or project concept?
  • Do you have an existing business or project you want to transform from ordinary to remarkable?
  • Want to attract more clients and elevate your entrepreneurial journey?
  • Are you finding it hard to stand out from the crowd, feeling lost in a world of digital marketing and want to take your existing business or project out of the doldrums? 

Welcome to the Black Cat Consulting Mentoring Sessions, a personal, focused service by Alex Cearns OAM to help you transform your potential into a business you love.

A game-changer in her own right, Alex is a dynamic small business owner with more than fifteen years of outstanding accomplishments as a photographer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Her philosophy as a mentor is to help you create simple, actionable, meaningful processes and goals that attract clients, increase revenue flow and provide you with tools to inspire, serve, improve and transform your business / projext objectives. She is able to troubleshoot any blockages or limitations you may be experiencing by using convergent and divergent thinking and will offer actionable solutions.

Alex has worked with clients in the arts, public sector, industrial, and commercial sectors, covering a range of varying small businesses, as well as with photographers of all genres and creatives managing small to medium projects.

The Sessions

Mentoring Sessions consist of single 120 minute (two hour) calls priced at or $695AUD (approximately $450USD) each or four 120 minute (two hour) one-one calls with Alex for $2495AUD (approximately $1613USD) conducted at regular intervals of your choice.

Four calls are recommended to implement strategies and assess results. Each call focuses on a different aspect of your business or project of your choice and can be used to improve foundation building, set paramaters, implement goal setting, create achievable steps, and lead to results achievement.

Sessions can cover topics like:

  • business start-up and development
  • attracting new clients and growing referrals and repeat business to increase revenue
  • implementing business orientated mindset and mindset training
  • confidence building
  • defining, finding and attracting target clients
  • relieving target client pain points
  • developing a compelling social media profile
  • increasing social media influence
  • creating social media campaigns
  • developing a clear and impacting online brand identity
  • effective pricing for profit
  • developing passive income streams
  • collating and creating product ranges your clients love
  • understanding the needs of your niche market
  • improving time management to balance customer service and business responsibilities 
  • defining business objectives
  • identifying gaps for improvement across service delivery 
  • studio set up and design
  • exhibition and event planning, set up and execution
  • image curation for competitions or exhibitions
  • and anything additional you require relating to your business or project 

Don’t delay in getting to where you want to go! Invest in Alex’s Mentoring Sessions and let a small business expert help expedite your success.

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