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Welcome to the Black Cat Consulting Mentoring Sessions, where Alex Cearns OAM offers personalised guidance to unlock your potential and turn your dreams into reality.

A game-changer in her own right, Alex is an influential small business owner with over fifteen years of remarkable achievements in photography, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. As a mentor, her approach is to assist you in developing clear, practical processes and objectives, equipping you with the tools to ignite, serve, enhance, and elevate your business, project, or life pursuits. She adeptly addresses any barriers or constraints you encounter through both analytical and creative thinking, delivering tangible solutions.

Alex has worked with clients in the arts, public, industrial, and commercial sectors, covering a range of varying small businesses, as well as with photographers of all genres, creatives managing small to medium projects, and individuals seeking career change, business start up advice, and assistance to move forward with a mental block.

The Sessions

Mentoring Sessions consist of single 120 minute (two hour) calls priced at or $695AUD (approximately $450USD) each or four 120 minute (two hour) one-one calls with Alex for $2495AUD (approximately $1613USD) conducted at regular intervals of your choice.

Every session is tailored to address specific areas of your business, project, or personal journey. We’ll lay down the groundwork, define essential parameters, assess your goals, and map out actionable steps to bring your vision to life.

Sessions can cover topics like:

  • business start-up and development
  • attracting new clients and growing referrals and repeat business to increase revenue
  • implementing business orientated mindset and mindset training
  • confidence building
  • defining, finding and attracting target clients
  • relieving target client pain points
  • developing a compelling social media profile
  • increasing social media influence
  • creating social media campaigns
  • developing a clear and impacting online brand identity
  • effective pricing for profit
  • developing passive income streams 
  • developing book / calendar publishing goals
  • collating and creating product ranges your clients love
  • understanding the needs of your niche market
  • improving time management to balance customer service and business responsibilities 
  • defining business objectives
  • identifying gaps for improvement across service delivery 
  • studio set up and design
  • exhibition and event planning, set up and execution
  • image curation for competitions or exhibitions
  • career change
  • becoming unstuck
  • and anything additional you require relating to your business or project. 

Don’t delay in getting to where you want to go! Invest in Alex’s Mentoring Sessions and let a small business expert help expedite your success.



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